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Free Our Dreams 2017 Recap #Cali4All

Many young people of color, including African American, trans, undocumented and native youth did not feel safe in California before the election. Now we feel even more at risk. Federal policies and actions have created a climate of daily fear and anxiety in our schools and neighborhoods.

From May 6-8, 2017 Over 200 Free Our Dreams youth leaders from across the state gathered in Sacramento for a Day of Action to ask legislators and decision makers to take bold action that make our neighborhoods and schools safe and inclusive environments where youth are free to grow and thrive. Young people asked their legislators and decision makers to step up and support legislation that:

– Creates sanctuary for all and fully inclusive schools and communities;
– Reinvests resources from punishment and incarceration to prevention and
– Transformative justice practices; and expansion of economic, health and educational opportunity for all youth

We asked that our representatives stand for all of us and support and build a ‚ÄúCaliforALL”

#Cali4All #FreeOurDreams

Pictures by Yvonne Rodriguez of Las Fotos Project

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