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Free Our Dreams Youth Organizing Summit

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Free Our Dreams Youth Organizing Summit

Presented by YVote and YO California!

September 8-10, 2017

UC Davis, California

Young people of color in California are agents of change that have lead major statewide reforms for dignity and justice. From fighting back against policies that criminalize young people of color and their communities to fighting for better schools, jobs and a healthy environment, young people have built a strong movement across the state. Yet, all of these gains are at stake given the current political climate that seeks to further impede young people of color ability to thrive.


Fortunately young people are not apathetic.  Not only do young people care, they are taking the lead on ensuring California is a welcoming and safe place for all and raising their voices on issues that they care about most — criminal justice, education, immigration, the environment. From organizing in their communities to advocating for policy change, from demonstrating in the streets to showing up at the polls, young people are changing California for the better and for all of us.


From September 8-10, two new emerging statewide networks YVote and YO California! will convene over 350 young leaders who have been leading local and statewide efforts from across California for a Youth Organizing Summit.


The purpose of the summit is 1.) Support and strengthen the leadership of young changemakers 2.) Bring youth leaders across California to collaborate and learn from one another and 3.) Share and develop new strategies to improve their communities and our state.


The summit will feature two days of skills building and strategy sessions and culminate in a youth-led Governor’s townhall to engage current candidates on the issues that matter to young voters. Young people of color have demonstrated tremendous leadership and bravery in shaping the state for the better, now they are calling on elected officials to join the movement and demonstrate leadership in championing issues that affect the everyday lives of young people.


YVote is a new collaboration of sixteen different community organizations engaging young voters to reshape the future of California. Their goal is to  raise awareness of the power of young voters of color in California and to transform young voters of color into an influential voting block that can impact issues that matter for young people.

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YO! California seeks to build leadership pathways and serve as a hub for youth organizing that places the most impacted young people at the forefront of a bold, multi-issue movement for transformation, liberation, healing, collective power, and justice.